Privacy and payment policy

About privacy

The website is the property of Private Entrepreneur “Rafayel Mejlumyan”. We highly appreciate your interest. The protection of personal data is very important for us. We strictly follow the rules of data privacy and prevent their access from unauthorized third parties.

Signing up or registering an order implies your agreement with the present privacy policy of personal data and their implementation.

The rules of presentation and usage of personal data are as follows.

1. Personal data. Its purpose and application.

1.1 The Visitor can always have an access to the website without submitting personal data

1.2. Personal data is any information concerning an individual.

1.3. The site collects and uses personal data, which are required for subscription and sending notifications.

1.4. The website does not check the reliability and competence of data presented by individuals.

2. Personal data. Types of collected information.

2.1. For making an order the Visitor must fill in e-mail address and create a temporary username.

2.2. For receiving the order the Visitor/User must specify their exact e-mail address at the time of registration, which can be used for feedback.

2.3. After buying the order it will be available for 24 hours by the temporary username. After 24 hours, the purchase will again be blocked.

3. Steps made for the privacy of Visitor/User personal data.

The Website uses all the necessary organizational and technical steps to prevent unlawful and accidental access, destruction, alteration, blocking, reusage and dissemination of personal data, as well as from other unlawful actions by third parties.

4. The changes of privacy policy.

The website has the right to make changes in the present Privacy policy. The date of the last change is indicated in the current version. The information about the changed data is presented in the present version. The changed policy comes into force from the moment of placement unless something new is intended by the new policy. The current policy is always available at

Publication date 20.06.2017

About payment

The reader is provided with a meaningful abstract from the work or an abstract from audio and video material for free. The Visitor has the freedom to choose whether to pay for the rest of reading, audio or video material or not. The short, meaningful abstracts are the basis for the payment of full material in the future. No refunds are possible.

From the moment of purchase, the visitor/user of the site has the right to download the PDF or mp3 music provided after the purchase. It is available for 3 months. After the expiration of time if the personal page of that person is deactivated, the relevant user’s personal page will be removed from the system.The site allows to purchase in two currencies – US Dollars (USD) and Armenian Drams (AMD). When making purchases in the territory of the Republic of Armenia, only AMD transfers are required, which is regulated by the relevant Tax Code of the Republic of Armenia.